Privacy Policy

• All our products have a 3-month to 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

• We accept product returns only in the event that they are found to be defective upon arrival at the destination or due to failures within the warranty period.

• The product will be changed immediately in a period of 8 days if there is a factory defect, after 8 days it will be reviewed for warranty.

• We do not make returns or exchanges of merchandise under any condition other than a factory defect.

• No money refunds are made, any defective product that must be replaced within the warranty period will be replaced by the same product.

• We are not responsible for the damages suffered to the articles by bad installation, negligence, fault of third parties, damages by the transport of the parcel companies, or outside the guarantee period.

• The customer is responsible for reviewing the merchandise received.

• To make a return you must return the product assuming the shipping cost or delivering it on site.